‘95 Percent’ celebrates the inspirational relationship
between scent and taste in an exciting collaboration with
three highly individual chefs from around the world.!
Our sense of smell is inextricably linked to our sense of
taste, with scent accounting for 95 per cent of what we
taste. In curating its new ‘95 Percent’ series, Illuminum
invited innovative chefs Jackson Boxer, Yuki Gomi and Tom
Wolfe to create three distinctive fragrances by ‘pushing the
boundaries of the possible’ at the interface between taste
and scent. !
Outside the world of perfume, it is chefs who use their
sense of smell on a daily basis to spark or guide their
imagination. For Illuminum, this cross-disciplinary
collaboration with three thoughtful practitioners, each with
a clear view of the role and potential of scent, is a unique
opportunity to transcend the borders of experience,
expectation and practice in order the fashion the new. !

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