January 23, 2016

95 Percent series and White On White


Illuminum London is proud to announce a new limited edition fragrance collection, 95 Percent. With this collection we are taking our passion for perfume into exciting new areas of shared experience. Composed in partnership with three innovative London-based chefs, the three new fragrances explore complex relationship between scent and taste.

In curating 95 Percent collection, we explored the idea that scent accounts for 95 per cent of what we taste. Illuminum London partnered with three London-based chefs to collaborate with expert perfumers on three distinctive fragrances by ‘pushing the boundaries of the possible’ at the interface between taste and scent.

Fluid, transcendent, playful and inspirational, the new collection represents the brand’s deep reverence for scent into fulfilling realms of shared experience, including the worlds of art and culture. Illuminum London opens a door on a new horizon of human possibility at the point where scent interacts with creativity. It’s a journey without limitation. Our customers make it what it is.

In addition to the 95 Percent collaboration Illuminum London undertakes a repositioning – a visual and cultural upgrade. To celebrate, a new fragrance ‘White on White’ joined the 95 Percent range at the launch. This novel scent has been composed in such a way as to be reminiscent of the artists studio taking inspiration from philosophies of Kazimir Malevich.




Created by Illuminum London in collaboration with Yuki Gomi



TW #234

Created by Illuminum London in collaboration with Tom Wolfe



Brunswick House

Created by Illuminum London in collaboration with Jackson Boxer



White on White

Created by Illuminum London taking inspiration from the influential figure of the past, Kazimir Malevich

October 23, 2015



Have you ever wondered what the senses might look like? Imagine that a sound, touch, smell or taste may be visualised. Following our gallery installation theme ‘Colour as a Narrative’, Illuminum team explored a unique phenomenon called Synaesthesia, whereby two or more of the five senses that are normally experienced separately are being interconnected. A renowned occurrence in psychology, though only few of us have the ability to experience the phenomenon. A synaesthetic person can often picture sounds, smells, flavours or tactile feelings as they experience them. The kind of sense visualisation process induces visions of vivid colours, arrays of shapes and textures. Merging of the senses enhances affected person’s inner imagination resulting in the appearance of artistic impressions.

We are immensely fascinated by this extraordinary way of experiencing the surrounding world. Intrigued by the idea of hyper sensation and the ability to connect senses, we hosted a special event with Philippa Stanton an abstract artist and creative mind behind 5ftinf.

5ftinf is Philippa’s largely popular self-expression project, where she lets her imagination flow in daily still life table top shots. She finds and organises simple objects, like cups of tea, flowers, twigs and other pretty treasures in harmonic patterns reflecting her feelings.

Held in the gallery, our workshop offered an insight into the multi-sensorium perception guided by Philippa who has a first hand understanding as she is a synaesthete herself. Her abstract paintings represent her individual synaesthetic impressions of flowers, food, drinks and people’s voices. The workshop invited participants to think deep about how things feel, sound, smell and look, inspiring them to connect with deepest senses and spark their inner imagination.

September 15, 2015

Tate Sensorium: An immersive art experience at Tate Britain


IK Prize 2015, Sensorium, Tate Britian, 24/08/2015

Installation shot of the IK Prize 2015

Curious and seeking to discover ever new experiences, the team at Illuminum London explored the highly interactive exhibition Tate Sensorium, currently held at Tate Britain. We were naturally drawn to the show, having our interest sparked and imaginations set to play by the bespoke fragrances, merging of the senses, and perceptions challenged via new technologies. Tate Sensorium is the IK Prize 2015 winning project brought to life by creative studio Flying Object and other collaborators, including our friend and Scent Expert, Odette Toilette.

The exhibition is centred around four abstract British paintings taken from the Tate’s twentieth century collection.The show employs an array of innovative devices, stimulating four core human senses of touch, hearing, smell and taste to enhance the perception of each of the selected paintings. We learnt how Richard Hamilton’s Interior II, David Bomberg’s In The Hold, John Latham’s Full Stop and Francis Bacon’s Figure in a Landscape felt, sounded, smelt and even tasted.

Sensually engaged in a gallery space, we were able to fully submerse ourselves in the artworks. Affected by sounds, tactile vibrations and evaporated fragrances, the viewer’s imagination is bound to create visual illusions, making paintings come alive.

The original scent Pledge, combined with vintage hair-spray and solvent smells, were used to replicate Interior II.  With In The Hold alongside jagged sounds, varied concentrations of diesel and tobacco aromas were used to evoke the atmosphere of the ship’s hold. Full Stop appeared to be pulsating as sounds, lighting and touch sensations highlighted the work’s black and white colour palette and voluminous spray paint technique. The grand finale was Figure in a Landscape; the nature of the painting was encapsulated in a single chocolate sweet by master chocolatier Paul A Young. A soil like texture and a leathery smokey flavour of edible charcoal, sea salt, cacao and lapsang souchong tea, closely resembled the rough brush strokes and dark mood of the artwork. Grass, soil, and an animal scent backdrop reflected the painting’s Hyde Park setting.

The result of the experience was utterly sensational, a myriad of associations rushing through the head, triggered by distinct flavour and accompanying smells and sounds. The multi-sensory setting allows the viewer to establish an instant connection with the observed work, potentially adhering its original interpretation. We witnessed an exciting experiment in the evolution of the ways people perceive art.


 Installation shot of the IK Prize: Tate Sensorium with Francis Bacon’s Figure in a Landscape 1945. Francis Bacon 1909–1992. Tate. Purchased 1950 © Tate. Photo by Joe Humphrys/Tate Photography

Installation shot of the IK Prize: Tate Sensorium with John Latham’s Full Stop 1961. John Latham 1921–2006. Tate. Presented by Nicholas Logsdail and Lisson Gallery, London 2005. © John Latham Estate, courtesy Lisson Gallery, London
Photo by Joe Humphrys/Tate Photography

May 27, 2015

COLOUR AS A NARRATIVE: An architectural & olfactive collaboration





Colour as a Narrative. An architectural & olfactive collaboration between Illuminum London and Antonino Cardillo, exploring the relationship between scent, colour and texture.

Continued curves give way to irregularity. The environment in which we experience shapes the encounter where each fragrance is encapsulated within its miniature world, each unique and independently discoverable.

Texture and colour are deeply embedded in our perception of scent. Dry, rounded, cold, cutting… Describing a scent through tex- tures can often feel more relevant than quoting an ingredient.

An enveloping irregular texture made from volcanic ash from Mount Vesuvius offers almost surreal acoustics, whilst giving respite to the glaring lights and bombardment found in beauty halls.

Stripping away learnt associations built around graphics, names and ingredients encourages a more physical and intuitive experi- ence of scent; the components of which (fragrance oils) are originally sourced from the earth.

Our attention focuses on the physical and our sensitivity to the fragrances is amplified, encouraging our interpretations to become less linear and more intuitive. As in the natural world, our grotto offers seclusion, protection but also a stable atmosphere. The air within is unpolluted by volatile flying molecules as each fragrance is captured, as if suspended in time within its own habitation.

Whilst light and reflections from the exterior world play with the irregular surfaces of grey, the thirty-seven different hues experienced through the nose take centre stage.


Colour as a Narrative will be present in Illuminum London 1st May – 31st October 2015

41 Dover St, Mayfair, W1S 4NS
Monday – Friday 11am – 7pm
Saturday 11am – 6pm


January 26, 2015

Artist Takeover: Remi Rough





Illuminum Collaborates with Artist Remi Rough to launch new, limited edition fragrance, White Oud

To celebrate the launch of Illuminum’s Limited Edition midwinter scent White Oud, we are delighted to be partnering with eminent artist Remi Rough. Rough has transformed our Dover Street Gallery space with his unique artwork. Using the entire room as his canvas he’s created a stunning interactive art installation, inspired by our new White Oud fragrance.

White Oud – an olfactory and visual art installation
Visit this incredible olfactory and visual art installation throughout December and January to appreciate Rough’s artwork and experience our beautiful White Oud, along with the full fragrance collection. Here you will find fragrances suspended in mid-air, allowing you to enjoy their intoxicating scents as you wander below.

A Unique Scent
This distinctive and innovative composition of winter aromas make a unique scent. Rich green notes of Coriander, Vetiver Java and Oak Moss, juxtapose playfully with warm spice notes of Cumin Seed, Musk and the precious Laos Oud. Close your eyes and you’ll be transported through this wonderfully wintry woodland.

Limited Edition
White Oud is the first in our series of limited edition fragrances featuring pop-up installations to explore the innate connection between scent, art, and emotion from Illuminum London. Available for a limited period only – just 300 have been created, the first 100 bottles are personalised by Remi Rough and feature an edition number. So to avoid disappointment, don’t wait too long before visiting our Dover Street space.

41 Dover St, Mayfair, W1S 4NS
Monday – Friday 11am – 7pm
Saturday 11am – 6pm

November 25, 2014

Chandler Burr & AnOther Mag

Illuminum and AnOtherMag.com host a salon discussion with Chandler Burr on the topic of
‘Scent as an Art Medium’

Illuminum fine fragrances – inspired by the quintessence of Mother Nature and using premium and rare ingredients – consider perfumery as art.

In November, as part of a season of installations and exhibitions on Perfume as Art, the Illuminum Fragrance Lounge on Dover Street hosts a unique salon discussion with former New York Times scent critic Chandler Burr on the subject of ‘Scent as an Art Medium’.

Chandler Burr is an American journalist, author and museum curator. Since December 2010 he has curated olfactory art at The Museum of Arts and Design in New York City and curated the exhibition The Art of Scent 1889-2012.

He is author of The Perfect Scent, based on his The New Yorker Magazine piece, parallel stories of a year he spent behind the scenes at Hermès and Coty. He also penned The Emperor of Scent, the story of a biophysicist and perfume genius who proposes an extraordinary theory of the mechanism that produces our sense of smell.

Burr will appear in conversation with AnOthermag.com Editor and fragrance writer Laura Bradley.

DATE: 13th November 2013

TIMINGS: 6pm – 8pm

LOCATION: The Illuminum Fragrance Lounge, 41-42 Dover St, Mayfair London
TICKETS: £15 booking fee, available from http://buytickets.at/illuminumfragrance/11596

September 01, 2013

Fine Fragrance meets Art



Illuminum fine fragrances – inspired by the quintessence of Mother Nature, and using premium and rare ingredients – aspire to elevate perfumery as an art. In September, the Illuminum Fragrance Lounge on Dover Street plays host to a unique exhibition, which further celebrates the relationship between perfumery and Art.

The exhibition celebrates the artistic meeting of perfumer Cécile Zarokian, and celebrated illustrator Matthieu Appriou. The collection of six original illustrations, complemented by six unique fragrances results in a fascinating physical experimentation and represents subjective interpretation of sensations. One of the two universes gives birth to the other, then reverse: paint brush following olfactory narration, nose lead by sketch.

About the artists –

Cécile Zarokian graduated from ISIPCA, she was trained for four years at Robertet, in Grasse, and then in Paris. She created her first fragrance, Amouage Epic for Woman while still a trainee. Then in 2011 she founded her own company, Cécile Zarokian Sarl, and she set up her laboratory in Paris. Today Cécile creates unique fragrances for the niche perfumery market, including Jovoy Paris, Undergreen, Majda Bekkali, Suleko and most recently the Château de Versailles scented candles collection.

Matthieu Appriou graduated from the prestigious Ecole supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Brest in 2000. He has exhibited at the Centre d’Art Passerelle, Brest and the Chantier Public in Rennes, as well as creating commissioned artwork for brands including Hennessy, Krug, Dom Perignon, Bollinger and Eurostar.

The Exhibition is available to view from September 5th – October 4th 2013, at The Illuminum Fragrance Lounge, 41-42 Dover Street, London, UK W1S 4NS between the hours of 10am – 6pm, Monday – Friday.