Founded in 2011, Illuminum is a British fine fragrance collection that views scent as an open-ended adventure in self-expression. Where other perfume houses ask you to identify with a market idea of who you are, we make you the star of a transformative process of personal discovery. This process of becoming is without limits. You make it what it is.

Fluid, transcendent, playful and inspirational, Illuminum opens a window on a new horizon of human possibility at the point where scent interacts with creativity. We’ve taken our passion for perfume into exciting areas of shared experience, including the worlds of art and culture.

Science already recognises the unique ability of scent to release in us the power and potential of emotion and imagination. There’s much more to discover. That’s why Illuminum collaborates with leading artists in exploring the role and value of fragrance as a creative medium. For us, fragrance is an art form in its own right.

Our goal is to make you the author of your own meaningful encounter with fragrance. It means less mystery, more revelation. After all, as our name suggests, we’re about letting in the light.