October 23, 2015



Have you ever wondered what the senses might look like? Imagine that a sound, touch, smell or taste may be visualised. Following our gallery installation theme ‘Colour as a Narrative’, Illuminum team explored a unique phenomenon called Synaesthesia, whereby two or more of the five senses that are normally experienced separately are being interconnected. A renowned occurrence in psychology, though only few of us have the ability to experience the phenomenon. A synaesthetic person can often picture sounds, smells, flavours or tactile feelings as they experience them. The kind of sense visualisation process induces visions of vivid colours, arrays of shapes and textures. Merging of the senses enhances affected person’s inner imagination resulting in the appearance of artistic impressions.

We are immensely fascinated by this extraordinary way of experiencing the surrounding world. Intrigued by the idea of hyper sensation and the ability to connect senses, we hosted a special event with Philippa Stanton an abstract artist and creative mind behind 5ftinf.

5ftinf is Philippa’s largely popular self-expression project, where she lets her imagination flow in daily still life table top shots. She finds and organises simple objects, like cups of tea, flowers, twigs and other pretty treasures in harmonic patterns reflecting her feelings.

Held in the gallery, our workshop offered an insight into the multi-sensorium perception guided by Philippa who has a first hand understanding as she is a synaesthete herself. Her abstract paintings represent her individual synaesthetic impressions of flowers, food, drinks and people’s voices. The workshop invited participants to think deep about how things feel, sound, smell and look, inspiring them to connect with deepest senses and spark their inner imagination.